Move aside Madden, NFL 2K5 is here, and it is definatly here to stay. Goes to show theres something other than madden.

User Rating: 9 | ESPN NFL 2005 PS2
In the past years there has been only one dominating football franchise. And that is Madden, and recently it has had many great games. But this year in football gaming doesnt go to Madden, this title goes to NFL 2K5! This underdog is way better than Madden 2006 just becuase madden is getting very repetitive and boring. This gamenew game is fresh and something new for football fans. With new running, awesome side features, and of course awesome graphics.

The gameplay is great and plays just liek the other 2K games. The solid gameplay is delivering here just like it did in 2K3 that is the highest rated football game for the PS2 ever. The passing can be frustrating at times, but not so much that you become angy and frustrated to a high level. The running is excellent and the highlight of the offensive gameplay. The rapid x mashing to sprint is excelirating and just a fun time. It makes the game seem way more intense than it should be. The defense is great, tackleing is what you would expect. The hard tackles look awesome and the realistic takedowns are awesome and make you feel like Junior Seu on monday night. The kicking rules over Madden in this game and is just put together very good. This gameplay is intense and very fun. A must play.

The presentation in this game is excellent. ESPN is in this game and the pre-show intro to every game, and the actual sportscenter after show has actual clips from other games. I think this is crazy and you actually feel like your in a real life Franchise, its just fantastic. And with Chris Berman commentating what could be better? The awards are even telecasted like their the real thing and it shows a sense of importance. The presentation is just mind blowingly awesome and well crafted.

All in all this game rules over Madden 06 and all football fans shoudl convert to this game for their football playing needs.