Don't Let This One Escape You

User Rating: 9 | Escapee GO! DS
I skipped DSi (for no other reason than I simply couldn't afford one), so when the eShop launched this past week, there were a lot of games on DSiWare I wanted to try. Most of the ones I had been looking forward to, however – basically all of the WayForward products – were some of the most expensive games on the platform. Since money is once again tight, I opted instead to research some of the $2 titles. Escapee GO! crossed my radar, and I must say, it's the best two bucks I've spent in a long, long time.

Imagine Exit, Dementium and Pac-man woven together to create a sort of stealth-arcade adventure on the go. It's pretty short, but considering the price tag, I feel I've more than gotten my money's worth. You play as a woman escaping a hospital, but like Dementium, you don't know why you're there in the first place – you just know you have to make tracks.

The levels are designed like intricate Pac-man levels made to look like real-life settings. You'll pick up power-ups along the way to aid you in your escape, and though luck plays a small part in your success, it's a surprisingly exciting, little adventure.

The visuals remind me a bit of Contact (DS), and the subtle music and sound effects are a nice backdrop to the gameplay. There are something like 15 levels to play through, plus an excellent survival mode that's unlocked about midway through the story. A multiplayer option is also included, but unless you can hook up with someone locally, it's kind of a moot point.

For $2, you can't beat this excellent DSiWare title. It's polished, intriguing, and great fun while it lasts. It's a must-own and easily accessible with its uber-low price tag.