MMA at its finest

User Rating: 10 | EA Sports MMA X360
This game really says it all. As soon as i heard this game was coming out, i knew i had to get it. As an amateur mixed martial artists with a background of judo and boxing, i was really excited about this game involving different leagues such as Mystic, Strikeforce, Liga del Combate, etc. This game has outdone itself and basically told UFC Undisputed "Step aside". Others may have a different feeling towards this and i respect that, but the ground game is so much better, and easier compared to UFC. The total punch control is amazing, and did i mention the submissions? THE CLIMBING ARMBAR??? The takedowns, submissions, and training really just makes UFC Undisputed look "mediocre". This is a must get game people. If you want to see MMA at its finest and most realistic, get this game!