The fate of your friends rest upon your choices.

User Rating: 8 | Dyscourse PC

You wake up on the beach after your plane crashes. You band together with five other survives who make you their impromptu leader. The choices you have to make have some major consequences in this dire fight for survival. Their lives rest in your hands. Do you have aptitude to make the right choices to save everyone?

This game is all about cause and effect. When a boar steals what little food you have do you try to hunt it down or stay put? When the storm threatens your shelter should you make do or wander blindly into the night and hope to find something better? Even choosing who to feed with your limited food supply is a tough choice. Maybe someone is injured and you feel badly and want to feed them. On the other hand, maybe you give the food to a more fit candidate to give them some energy to help you forage. Maybe you just decide based on their attitudes and personalities.

The story and the level of emotional attachment in this game is through the roof. The characters all feel so real. You have Teddy, a super paranoid tech wiz, who thinks this is all one big planned conspiracy. Jolene, a demanding yet surprising optimistic women, who is losing interest in her husband and fellow survivor George. Then theirs Steve and Garret, a depressed office worker and a gaming addict. Rarely have I found it this easy to remember characters names, its just their personalities and so strong and believable you really feel connected to them as time goes by.

The art and sound effects are really unique and fit the game so well. The game has a really pretty, colorful and slightly cartoony, paper-craft look to it. The story can get dark at times and I'm glad its not too realistic looking, I feel that could have made it even more gloomy than it already is. The characters all make funny and super charming voices when the talk. You can read what they say but all you hear is them mumble with their different accents that fit their personalities perfectly.

This game isn't very long, in fact it only takes a little over an hour to complete. Please don't not write it off just for that, for what plays in an hour feels like days as you immerse your self in this game. Not to mention there are so many different paths to take the replay value is very high. Watching my sister play and make different choices vastly changed the direction of the game and let me see lots of things I didn't in my play-though. If you enjoy the TellTale games like the Walking Dead or the difficult choices likes those in the Mass Effect series I believe you'll really enjoy this game. So tell me, are you ready to step up and make the though choices?