When will critics learn that nobody cares what they say?

User Rating: 8.5 | Gundam Musou International X360
Isn't it funny that all the official reviewers blasted this game as another same-engine clone? I wonder if they even play the games they review, or simply participate in some neo-payola system. Did you see how good the reviews for assassins creed were? That game sucked. But I digress, most of the player reviews are good, so I cant really blast ya all.

Premise: The game is simple, smash legions of things and unlock more characters to...smash legions of things. They do include many of the same types of gameplay familiar to all other WARRIORS games, making it an easy transition for fans of their other titles. They also have simple storylines based from the Series' of the OG Gundam Franchise (Very Little From Gundam: Wing Unfortunately). That been said lets hit the bullet points.

Gameplay: Hack and slash, its great when you just want to kill a lot of people in robot suits. Its also great if you like the other games from Koei's lineup. It is a very easy transition from the other Hack and Slashers with bountiful unlockables. The only flaws are : very repetitive, not terribly innovative, no Duo Maxwell. The Good: Unlockable Characters, Gundam, Classic Voice Actors. 7.5/10

Graphics: Graphics are not impressive for the next-gen consoles, but it is clear enough to be competitive on the next-gen console. All characters are unique, but there are many of the same "looking" enemies in the game. The Bad: Would like more Gundam detail, Would like characters (not only Mobile Suits) in cinematics, Very minor slow-down, Fading on crowded screens (mostly in 2player mode), Generic Level Layout. The Good: Passable Graphics, Many enemies on screen at 1 time.

Controls: Very straightforward. Button mashing skills to kill, and the attacks tend to go where you aim them. It's not too hard, and you really can play this game at any age. The Bad: Repititious Button Presses, No Challenging Combinations, Some Buttons Serve Almost No Purpose. The Good: Easy to Learn, Combos Are Easy (yes, good and bad), No Non-Response Issues.

Sound: The soundtrack to all warriors games are badass. There is nothin wrong with the tracks, The voice acting is spot on, and many of the actors are the same as from the series. There are seriously no reasons to blast the soundtrack. Granted it's not as good as having M.o.v.e. in the end credits, but its pretty good. The Bad: Nothin can really be said. The Good: Custom Tracks and Series Remixes, Great Voice Acting, Battle Sounds Are Very Clear.

Overall: The overall is, it is a decent game, worth playing and not a bad idea to buy. Also, it should pull in good trade value, as it is relatively hard to find used copies. There are places that could use improvement, but seeing as I rate a game for its stand-alone value (unlike many critics) I refuse to blast it for lack of ingenuity. I have to say, it is a good game, and definitely a fun addition to your collection.
8.25 (33/40) Above Average