Its got a few new tricks, almost to many, but still the same ole formula.

User Rating: 8 | Shin Sangoku Musou 5 X360
Dynasty Warriors is still and has always been a good game for those who just plain love hack and slash with a little rpg item drop flair to it. The worst thing i can say is I actually didn't like the simplification of the fighting controls. The number of times I've played the previous iterations of the game in the franchise it just made sense to press square and triangle a certain number of times to do an attack. It actually forced you to be a little tactical and learn and plan when certain attacks would end, what effect they would have and what other attacks to use on more powerful foes. Now it just feels a little like a cop out to be able to have an endless attack without having to level up or find the specific weapon to be able to. Soooo, great game, just oddly enough one change too many in a game franchise with almost no changes to speak of.