well... i think dynasty warriors 5 was much better

User Rating: 7.1 | Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends PS2
ok... so extreme legends is like somewhat of an expansion and cool if you own dynasty warriors 5 already (just a saved game file is not enough)

uh... suggestion! don't buy extreme legends and download a saved game file of dynasty warriors 5 like i did just cause extreme legends is cheaper then the regular dynasty warriors. AND don't buy dynasty warriors 4 or older IF you've never played any of them... for me i like to buy the most updated ones ex: street fighter 2 compared to street fighter 1 since it has the same storyline but better graphics and enjoyment ^^

basically what i'm trying to say is this game BLOWS unless you have dynasty warriors 5 already


1- can increase your character stats
2- new items to unlock
3- create your own character of your liking (example is a girl with guan ping's big @$$ sword ^^)
4- new maps

1- not as fun without the original dynasty warriors 5
2- character creations is very boring and lack variety
3- hard mode is actually a lot harder then normal mode ^^ this didn't happen to me in the original so i don't know maybe i'm just a noob =D
4- there's not much of a story mode 5- when you make a new character in dynasty mode or something where you run around with that weak little character and unlock 3-4-5 hit combos... extra health and stuff... it's boring!!! lol?
6- there's no god damn blood! omg like jeez! why not put blood in the game and rate it mature! or make a mature version!!! overall i just wanted to say i feel like a stupid ass for buying extreme legends without owning a copy of the original meaning i wasted 30 bucks when all i had to do was get another 20 or so to buy the original here's my rating explained...

gameplay - 10 because i like playing it =D
graphics- 7 because i'm not impressed but will do
sound- 5 because i don't notice sound... AND BAD ACTORS!
value- 7 because i think i'm going to play this more when i buy the original sometime soon =D tilt- 5 because i have no idea what this is