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Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Edit Mode character outfits

    The outfits are each earned after the first battle the user completes with the listed skill and rank requirements. Outfits earned at the same rank cannot be earned in the same playthrough (for example, 4,5 and 6). All outfits are earned in Destiny Mode, but can be used in Edit Mode once unlocked.

    All listed are for male/female unless stated otherwise. Some outfits (Light Armor, Heavy Armor) have the same name for both genders. Some outfits are initially available in Edit Mode and will be listed as such. All outfits are in sequential order from left to right on the Edit Mode screen.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Initially available (Destiny/Edit) 01 Jerkin/Cloth Dress
    Charge & Health Level 1. Sergeant Rank/ Initially available 02 Light Armor
    Any Archery and Search skill. Sergeant Rank/ Initially available 03 Leather Jerkin/Combat Dress
    Musou, Health Level 2 and Plate Mail or Basic Mount. Major Rank 04 Heavy Armor
    2 each of Leader and Search skills. Major Rank 05 Tactical Robe/Dancer's Robe
    2 each of Leader and Tactics skills. Major Rank/ Initially available 06 Strategist Robe/Regal Dress
    Complete any level with a Bad Contribution Rating 07 Fur Skin/Nanman Dress
    Rage, Health Level 3 and any two of Advanced Mount, March or Rally. Lt. General Rank 08 Grand Armor/Maiden Armor
    Any combination of 6 skills from Leader, Tactics and Search. Lt. General Rank 09 Prime Minister Robe/Sacred Gown
    1500 KO total by the end of Destiny mode 10 Demon's Armor (Male only)
    Work under each of the three kingdoms at least once. 11 Sorceress Gown (Female only)

    Contributed by: The Whyte Fox 

  2. Unlockable Items

    Rare Items that can be found in various levels in Legend Mode

    Unlockable Unlockable
    187AD Ou Xing's Rebellion - After the battle starts, get 300 KOs within 300 seconds Art of War
    The Ten Eunuch's Rebellion - With He Jin alive, defeat Duan Gui, Cao Jie, and Hou Lan. Bodyguard Manuel
    Battle of Mt. Qi - Get discovered during the fake retreat by killing enemy generals, then defeat Fei Yao, Dai Ling and Xiahou Ba, then Zhang He. Dragon Arms
    Showdown at Nan Zhong - Defeat Xiahou Ba; defeat Jia Kui and eliminate the Wei Destroyers (6 total). These requirements may be met in any order. Elephant Harness
    Battle of Han Shui - Defeat Xu Huang Fire Arrow
    Struggle for the Book. On hard difficulty setting, open all 3 castle outer gates in 3 minutes from the stage start. Fire Orb
    Get 1,000 kills in any level with the Hard difficulty setting Fu Xi's Great Sword
    Battle of Han Shui - use Zhao Yun defeat anyone try to pass the bridge, then defeat Xu Huang Green Scroll
    Rescue at Lou Sang Village - defeat Zhang Man Cheng, Yan Zheng, Guan Hai, Cheng Yuanzhi, Deng Mao, zhang Liang, Bo Zhang, and Gao Sheng in order Hex Mark Harness
    Battle of Yang Ping Gate - Destroy all 20 of the Stone Statues within 5 minutes of the stages start. Ice Arrows
    Battle of Mt. Qi - Defeat all general officers and subofficers, except Sima Yi on hard difficulty level, Xu Zhu can also be ignored once he appears Ice Orb
    Showdown at Nan Zhong - Defeat Xu Huang within 10 minutes of the Stages start. Kirin Hoof
    Battle of Jia Meng Gate - Defeat Yang Ren, Yang Ang, Yang Song Meatbun Sack
    Battle of Xin Castle - Defeat 80 Troops and the 4 generals outside of the Castle, within two minutes of the stages start. Naga Earrings
    Get 1,000 kills in any level with the Hard difficulty setting Nu Wa's Rapier
    Battle of Ru Xu Kou. Defeat all enemy officers except for Cao Cao before defeating Zhang Liao for the third time Serpent earrings
    Battle of Jia Meng Gate - Must be on hard difficulty, Convince Ma Chao of joining Liu Bei's forces by defeating him twice before he goes back to Shadow Orb
    Battle of Shi Ting. Do successfully all Lu Xun's tactics Survival Guide
    Battle of Mai Castle - Acheive 1000 KO's True Way of Musou
    Two Qiao's level, kill Zou Ci, item appears near by Wind Scroll

    Contributed by: YUN2004, crazycrawler, keyblade32, RezaTop, artymes, sephirosuy 

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