Complex game, and you should do your homework before jumping right in!

User Rating: 8.5 | Dust 514 PS3
I've seen some reviews about how new guys won't survive in this game, or the only way to survive is to pay money - neither of which are true. I'm not a huge FPS'er by any means...but who doesn't like free, so I downloaded this game...AFTER reading up on it.

There are two major keys to being successful in this game....equipping your dropsuit correctly, and running with a squad (either Ad-hoc or as part of a corporation). If you don't do either of these, then're in trouble when you clone in and go running off by yourself as if you're going to be the hero.

The skill tree is complex, and by nature designed to make you think about what type of player you want to be. Maybe a focus on anti-vehicle...okay well ramp up your armor, grenadier, and a/v weopons...and leave things like nano-hives and piloting to other players. The game starts you off with enough ISK (in game currency) to get yourself a few decent upgrades before battle. If you get yourself on a decent team/ won't be long before you begin to understand the game mechanics and how to support your team for the victory. Also, let's be clear that trying to get the most kills isn't a necessity for being thought of as the best...medics and logistics guys are just as important as soldiers -- and you actually get more Points in game for reviving someone than you do killing them.

As for the game tech itself, the Graphics are decent...depending on where you are there can be various lag issues or hit detection problems, but unlike a game such as Halo - which is released once in the box until the next installment of the series [basically]...Eve will continue to grow and change, which means things will be fixed in time.

Overall a fun game, made much more so by running with a Corporation in Mercenary games, as well as Planetary Conquest.