The game is good once all the patches are done.

User Rating: 9 | Dungeon Lords PC
When you start the game you instantly notice the huge amount of bugs and glitches. At first it sort of kills your ambition of the game. But after downloading and installing all of the patches until v1.4 the game actually becomes very fun. With most of the bugs gone you can play the game without having to save so much. The story is good, there are some very interesting skills and spells,and the gameplay is good. One thing i don't like though. The multiplayer. Every time I enter the lobby I am either alone with 0 ping or there might be someone else but their ping is also 0 and they never respond when I send a message to them. There were some times that people did have ping and they actually responded, but then comes the connection problems. On most of the games I try to join I get a message "Establishing connection to server (30)" and then "Negotiating with NAT (10)" and then it says that the connection has failed. There were only 2 times that I actually managed to get in a game and play,but it was awfully laggy. So despite the unplayable multiplayer, the game is very good.