This game is aways going to be my number 1 game!

User Rating: 10 | Dungeon Keeper 2 (Classic) PC
The first Dungeon Keeper game was for me a really great game, when 3D graphics started to enter the planet could'nt wait to see it on DK2 and it was worth the wait!
The dungeon in the game is amazing to look at, there is always something going on. You will feel like a tourist with culture shock! Cuts scences are graphicly subline. There is also little bonuses through out the year for example when there is a full moon, there is a secret level to click on.
My fav. bit in the game is when you have a massive dungeon, i like to home in on a creature and see what it gets up to, at the top of the screen it has its name and lots of various little details, you can watch it gamble to to bed walk around picking on imps prey, anything This game is soo much fun and recomend it to anyone, my review cannot give this game the praise it deserves(coz im rubbish at reviews!!)