A copy of a good game is an average game. Dune 2000 is a Command & Conquer clone. The only thing extra is a worm!

User Rating: 6 | Dune 2000 PC
Although this is simply a clone of Command & Conquer there is nothing wrong with the game. Well it plays exactly the same, the units are based on C&C units, all the items and buildings have a relationship to everything that is Command & Conquer. There is very little addition in the way of gameplay, well in fact, there is no addition in the way of gameplay!

The only true different thing has to be the cinematic's of which they have a selection of actors playing the roles of whom? I am not sure where they wanted to go with the game, it seems far from the books and all about the quest for Dune.

Speaking of the cinematics, well Atredies was okay, but the Ordos is terrible, the guy that is acting the part… well he looks like a borg and plays the most boring of characters! At least there is Brian Blessed on Atredies to keep me company.

I do like playing know, but C&C was always a good game, so a copy of a good game just makes an average game. There is nothing great or bad, it's just average and frankly that is boring! The only element I like watching is a worm swallowing a tank or two.

It is very hard to finish the game, I managed to complete the Harkonnen campaign but the other two I didn't even finish. I just found the final missions far to hard.

So the graphics are good, the music is fine, the terrain is the same and that makes it rather boring also. I do like building up the base and sending massive armies to go kill the A.I. But to anyone that reads this I will tell them to stick to the Dune novels and stick to the real Command & Conquer series. No point in playing an adventure here, not worth wasting your time like I did.