if higurashi met...some other wierd domestic perverted anime

User Rating: 8.5 | Dunamis 15 PS3
now this is a visual novel, a genre of gaming thats popular in japan where you basicly watch and read whats happening in a scene like your basicly watching an anime and playing a game a the same time

Dunamis 15 is set in a in a world slightly in the future where a nuclear explosion has caused genetic mutations. All the students at Ceres Academy are clones who were created as materials for cloning technology research. Some events happened, which caused the students to rebel.

now even though i couldnt understand what theyre saying i can only understand "some" of what theyre saying i need to learn more japanese

its a dating sim slash **** up mind game

you play as different characters "temporarily"

at the beggining its happy and perverse with all these happy high school teens

then all of a sudden 5 hours later it turns into **** up WTF stuff with stuff that feels the formula of higurashi no naku koro ni

now i may not understand much but all i know so far is that this silver haired girl may be the cause, or maybe shes just a mascot

you get to choose what you say and even choose a girl you think is better

-creepy and **** up atmoshpere and higurashi stuff make this fun for fans of higurashi, and that kind of stuff in general
-ecchi galore
-hint system is a good addition

-hard to understand if you dont read or know japanese
-characters come around as either likeable or annoying