i like this game so much it's like you know the best thing ever and MCShit is wrong so yeah. lol. end of the review

User Rating: 10 | Disney DuckTales Remastered PS3
i like this game you know. like great graphics like paper mario but in a good way, unlike cave story for 3DS where the crappy 2d sprites doesn't fit well with the 3D background, here they do it the right way you know. im like holy crap, it's ducks! quack quack quack. i love duck you know. i feel bad for people that are allergic to ducks. quack quack and duct tapes. it is a great game on Steam and just as good as the original. voice acting is also very great you know, except they don't sound like ducks and don't go quack quack, bewarrreeee furries, just kidding. hahaha, great game. voice acting is like the ones in the tv show so very good. and holy crap, the boss fights are very unique and not like from the NES, so prepare to have a blast. jumping around and moving around are just like from the original game, holy crap, finally a remake/remaster that is done right! infinite cookies to that.