Rather short story. Was hoping to get more missions to do.

User Rating: 5.5 | DRIV3R XBOX
It felt short and with a sudden end. I spent almost 24 hours finishing it. Some missions seemed imposible to pass, but some were too short and too easy.
The score i gave it is because the graphics which are nice looking. And it has a feeling of driving simulator. Just a feeling. I was disappointed by the missions where you had to follow someone. If you caught up with them and tried to ram their car all you would do is bounce back and into a wall or tree. That felt very unrealistic.
Another thing that bothered me was when the car you followed ran over a sidewalk, and the moment you got to that point and wanted to go over that sidewalk you hit an invisible war. This glitch here made me restart those "follow the car" missions dozens of times.
Anyway I believe it is better than Parallel Lines. Story and game-play.