Not As Bad As They Say.

User Rating: 6 | DRIV3R XBOX

Now don't get me wrong Driv3r is nothing special or anything amazing but it is still a well done game and I personally love it. This game was a blast to play back when it was still only a few years old. My brother and I would have a blast driving our semi truck across the different cities causing chaos, and I have to admit the destruction physics were vary well done for their time. Another fun thing about the game was the driving itself, the physics here were also good for their time. I'd have to say that my personal favorite vehicle was the Harley cycle (or what looked like a Harley anyway). As for the three cities in the game Miami, Nice and Istanbul my favorite was Nice. I think Reflections did the best on this city, personally speaking. The story I thought was very good, and also well done. I will admit that other than driving and crashing into stuff or other cars the walking around in this game isn't that fun and the gunplay is okay. At least the aiming system is decent when it comes to shooting. The graphics too are okay and even though I liked the cities in the game I do think that they could have been more polished and could have been set up better. Overall even though Driv3r isn't anything really great, and when looking past its minor flaws, I still think that it is worthy of a 7 out of 10 even though I give it a 6. although anything lower than a 5 just seems a bit cruel.