Dragon Quest Heroes is a great example of a game that doesn't need touch gimmicks to work brilliantly on the DS.

User Rating: 9.1 | Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime DS
Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime has one of those titles that tells you nothing about the game. At first you think its an RPG since it has the Dragon Quest franchise title. But in the end it's really an action/adventure game in the same style as the Zelda series. Then you have Rocket Slime. Which out of the game it makes no sense. Rocket Slime is the kind of game that you have to play to understand.

The game starts out with a little Slime named Rocket. Rocket and his friends are screwing around when a race of duck creatures attack, destroy the village, and take all 100 of the other Slimes including your family. It is your mission to rescue them and restore the town to its former beauty.

While on your mission you will use your stretching powers to attack and pick up enemies. items, and Slimes that you will need to take back to your village. The game is very forgiving and places carts that return to the village for you. A very nice touch that makes the game far less frustrating than it could have been. Taking these items back to town will add items to your stockpile of ammo for what becomes the major combat element in the game. Tank battles. These tank battles consist of you and 3 other teammates throwing items (each having specific abilities and power) at the opposing tank. First to reach 0 hp has their weakness exposed and you now have the chance to destroy it by infiltrating their tank. It's a very interesting concept that works very well. There are so many different things to do and items to find and synthesize that anyone who plays will have a different strategy.

That leads us to the multiplayer. The game supports up to 4 players for a 2 on 2 team tank battle. With over 20 tanks to choose from and ways to make the games more even this has to be one of the most underlooked multiplayer games out there.

Overall Dragon Quest Heroes is a very unique game that everyone with a DS should try out. It combines the greatest aspects of Zelda with fun RPG strategy that has just enough action where anyone can enjoy it. Your getting a minimum of 17 hours of gameplay for the single player and over 25 if you wan't to get everything. Plus don't forget the multiplayer.

+ Addictive gameplay
+ Tank battles are great
+ Good music and sound
+ Multiplayer is awesome
+ Lengthy Quest

- There isn't much besides tank battles at some point
- Would have been nice to see some touch screen support
- Is a little too easy