trenkaichi?title only that makes it interesting!

User Rating: 6.5 | Dragon Ball Tag VS PSP
Before getting the game it seemed to me like i'm gonna get one of the best 3D fighting games of dbz from bandai namco for psp.
but the game was'nt upto my expectations....
first the story battle,it was annoying with the little goku flying over the maps and the same repetitive fights after each episode.
most of the users preferred downloading a save game cuz they did'nt really like playing through the story mode which should've been better.When i got the game the first thing i looked for was if they had Janemba in the game.ALAS! it was'nt there.It was way more disappointing when i saw that the DBGT characters were missing too!!!:((those were what i luvved about the shin budokai versions that came out earlier).Another disappointment was fight environment,i loved to fight underwater in the budokai trenkaichi 3 version of ps2 but they dint provide on the psp..:(

to go ahead the graphics were really gr8 and the gameplay and combat was pretty fair and i liked the battle selection mode of the game the most.playing through the battle 100 was real fun and the best part of the ame is multiplayer gameplay (thats were i spent more than 10 hours playing the game).

its a fair game with a fair gameplay and combat,i would'nt recommend buying this game(definitely not if u dont have a good environment for having a multiplayer gameplay).