this is the worst dbz game i've ever played

User Rating: 1.5 | Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu GBA
When i bought this game, i thought i was gonna get game like the first budokai but after 5 minutes of playing, I knew i was dead wrong. First of all, they're aren't much characters in this game, and you will fight some enemies a lot , while you will barely fight to other characters in the game. Also: the controls suck. It is very hard to do a special technique like the spirit bomb with goku, because you can't make the moves properly. But not everything is bad. There are 2 good things. First are the backgrounds really good. And second, it is cool, when you fight, you can jump in the air, and when your opponent follows, you get like a kind of minigame, that is kinda cool. Overall is this game a big dissapointment, which i wouldn't advise to anybody.Even the hardcore fans won't enjoy this crappy game.