Wow and I thought Budokai 2 was bad.

User Rating: 1.6 | Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu GBA
This game is beyond terrible. It is a disaster! This is the worst fighting game I played in my entire life! Everything in it is just bad. I thought this game would be good when I picked it up but I was very disappointed in it. The fighting system sucks, the graphics aren't even good, and the music isn't amusing at all.

I like the Budokai games, but this one isn't even close to being like Budokai 3. Everything is just awful and its way too easy. There wasn't even a story to it, which Budokai offers. Maybe if it had one it would've made it a bit better.

The characters had a limited amount of moves and the whole "attacking the opponent in the air" is just pointless. It got annoying so much after awhile, I couldn't play anymore of it.

Seriously even if you're a DBZ fan, this game isn't worth buying. Rent it first and see for yourself.