User Rating: 1 | Dragon Ball Z: Sagas PS2
why do i even bother? oh, i have to put down 100 words? oh. ok. Dragon Ball Z Sag Ass for the PS2 is a "fighting game". ok, im not gonna beat around the bush. THIS GAME FREAKING SUCKS! let me start with the controls. they dont respond very well. let's say you wanna jump up and shoot a fireball(x + o). it's only until you land when you acutally shoot the fireball! WHY?! another thing: there is no story. you're simply just fighting for the sake of fighting. basicly, i gave this to a DBZ fan and he actually asked if he could stop. even if you are a DBZ fan, go get Budakii, or however the hell you say that. stay away from Sag Ass. bring it on, DBZ fanboys! bring it on!