good lord this game is just terrible! I am ashamed to play this game at all cause this is a disgrace to dragon ball z!

User Rating: 1 | Dragon Ball Z: Collectible Card Game GBA
This game is just bad it doesn't follow the story line, it !doesn't make sense. The stuff they say before a battle does not make sense in fact it makes them all sound like enemies I mean werent goku and krillin friends? I wish I could make the score lower cause this game purely sucks in my opinion! Also I spend like 10 minutes trying to play a card just to find out I have to skip my turn and I lose. It is just pointless the farthest i ever got was to level two. Its o bad i can't go back in time and stop myself from playing this peice of crap! Plus it gets anoying how you lose cause of this stupid anger thing plus the enemie always has these drills, support characters, and higher power levels! Because last time i checked goku had a higher power level then krillin whichmakes no sense but i repeat this is my own opinion so dont say that i am wrong ok cause i played this alot 3 years ago!