Possibly the best DBZ fighter to Date

User Rating: 9 | Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit X360
Ok let me first say that this is a fighting game and follows that formula, so dnt be expecting an epic story mode. This game has had a lot of bad hype with "lack of characters and stages" but might i say that the characters are a lot more unique now that they dont all handle the same and even though there are few stages they come in different froms such as cells ring then cells ring destroyed.
The game engine is very similar to budokai 3, in that the way special moves work and your character moves about, but now you have small tweaks such as your character doesnt un-transform when they run out of Ki or that all characters every multiple movesets but this is just generally different special moves. The game also has drama scenes which activate when certain criteria is met such picollo standing in frnt of a blast for gohan if hes about to take a nasty hit and this does add some more fun online.
The online is a little bit slower but i have noticed that it does prevent people from just button bashing. Also your Ki recharges by itself and you cannot fast charge it so people wont just be using constant special moves which puts more proper fighting into the game.
The only thing i find this game lacks is an arcade mode, which is a bit of a shame as the story mode will only last about 6 hours on a hard difficulty for budokai veterans.
but overall id highly recommend this for any dbz fan