The arcade game given the proper console treatment.

User Rating: 8.5 | Double Dragon SMS
Not sure how everyone else got their copy of this great game but I remember sending in to Sega for it. And boy were we happy when it arrived. 2 player Co-Op just like the arcade! We couldn't wait to tackle it. And tackle it we did. We put so many hours into this game, it was just that great.

This console edition of the game tends to retain the most faithfully to the arcade version. Two player Co-Op, most of the bad guys from the arcade, and the actual levels from the game. It's all here.

The best part of this game was its unlimited continues (for those who aren't as good at Beat Em Ups as others) but unfortunately this feature cuts off on the last level. The good news to that is that a player CAN get more continues if they do a certain number of backward jump kicks on the final level.

If I had to recommend an 8-bit console conversion of this game, it would be this one as it stays the most faithful (graphically and also in gameplay) to the original Coin Op.

If you like Double Dragon and haven't tried this version yet you really should track it down and give it a go.