A beat-em-up pioneer.

User Rating: 9 | Double Dragon SMS
When you think of beat-m-up games, what is the first game to come to your mind? For me, it's Double Dragon. No question, without a doubt. Double Dragon not only allowed you to kick much ass by yourself, but you could team up with a buddy and whip some ass together!!!!!!!!! You could even pick up weapons and bludgeon your enemies. The protagonists in this story are Billy and Jimmy Lee. One of their girlfriends gets kidnapped, and the duo set off to lay the smack down on anyone who gets in their way. That's about it. Between the beginning and the end, there's no story to get in the way of giving thugs some well deserved beatings. The controls are simple. One button punches, one button kicks, and both will allow you to do a jump kick. This is a classic 80's game that should not be missed at any cost.