One of the best F2P games out there

User Rating: 8 | Dota 2 PC

The good:

- 100% F2P game;

- Insane replay value;

- Very well coded/developed (very stable, low pc requirements, no bugs, no crashes, no overpowered heroes, etc);

- A lot of action, it never gets boring;

The bad:

- Steep(!) learning curve (curently have 3000+ hours played, still trying to understand some more advanced tactics);

- Can easily take over your life (is that good or bad ?!?);

The ugly:

- Disgraceful community.


Nothing wrong with the game itself, the community will make it or break it. Hopefully, you'll get a thick skin after a while.

The game that started the MOBA genre.

Recommended especially if played with a group of friends.