Bongo, Bong, Bong... Same Old, Same Old, Same Old!

User Rating: 7.5 | Donkey Kong Jungle Beat GC
This is one of the games that you have to use the Bongo controller for the Gamecube, which works very well and it's a fresh way to control the old Donkey Kong character. The graphics are good and it's fun but then you fall in the same pattern of gameplay and boss fights that take out o a lot of the fun.

Pretty much you use the left drum to move left and the right drum to move right and when you beat both at the same time DK jumps. You can also clap at some points to have a special move here and there. This is a one player game, no multi-player at all and it can get annoying to have somebody hearing you slamming the bongos frantically.

Whenever you beat the game there's not much replayability, only if you would like to get a higher rank will induce you to play this game again. If you already have the bongos and you can find this game for cheap it's worth checking it out.