Stop Mario from taking DK Jr's Papa!!!!!

User Rating: 7.6 | Donkey Kong Jr. NES
Donkey Kong Jr.
Publisher: Nintendo
Console: NES
Release Date: 1988

The object of the game (as if you didn't know), is to save your papa from the "evil" Mario....of course if donkey kong had stolen MY girlfriend, I would've done the same thing....actually thats a lie....i'd have killed him....haha....yeah.... anyways BACK TO THE GAME!

Graphics: For early nintendo, these are great graphics. Several moving sprites on the screen at once don't cause slowdone, and the levels are pretty colorful....except for the backgrounds....but it is early NES we are talking about.

Sound: The music repeats over and over, which can get pretty annoying...along with DK Jr's little bebebobonk walking sounds....but as I said before, it is good for early NES.

Fun: If you like classic games, than you'll have a good time with this game. Bring along a friend and see who can get through it the fastest.

Overall: The NES does a good job of bringing back the fun that many of us had in the arcades. Check Amazon and E-bay for this game if you are interested.