THIS IS A MUST READ REVIEW WHETHER YOU HAVE THIS GAME OR NOT! (in fact, it's better for people who have the game)

User Rating: 9 | Super Donkey Kong SNES
let me just say that this isn't a review where i talk about everything in the game. instead, i will mainly talk about something that i doubt many people have tried. but first, i will list the cons with the game.

not the best level design -5
some brutal save points -5
cranky kong makes you feel like a loser -5
controls can be frustrating at times -5

ok, before i show the pros, lets get to what this review is about, the MULTIPLAYER! yup, you heard me!

MULTIPLAYER: so, one of my friends was over my house and one of the games we played is this. you can either chose to work as a team, or to battle. we chose to work as a team. as soon as we started playing, we were having a BARREL BLAST! who ever is 1st player starts playing. the 2nd player can start playing in 2 ways, if the first player gets hit, or if the first player hits the SELECT button which switches the players. considering this is a hard game, the multiplayer uses alot of teamwork. it's always fun to decide who should play through different parts. i can't tell you how much fun we've had with this game, especially in the mine cart level. ir's almost if not just as fun as the multiplayer in new super mario bros. wii.

revolutionary graphics +5
great multiplayer +5

this game gets a 90/100. if you have this game for the SNES, go grab a friend and start playing this game cus the multiplayer really rocks!