Dofus is a very fun game. I don't play many MMOs but this one's good. I have a few problems though.

User Rating: 8 | DOFUS PC
Dofus is a really fun MMO. And it's not technically perfect, or close to it for that matter, but I like it alot. There's a very big amount of classes to choose from, and they all have they're own class spells. About 20 of them. There's also some elementary spells you can get on your own, but there just isn't enough of those. Not enough spells...Make More!

The game is free, how could you complain about graphics, or sound. It's only about 5 bucks a month if you do P2P. Don't complain about the graphics, they're colorful, and simple. There's no bad ugly spots in the game therefore. Just pretty flash player stuff. I'll allow complaints about the sound though, it can get annoying. Just turn it down though. I gave it a 10 on Tilt because this review system unjustly doesn't rate games well, especially like this one. So even though I gave it a ten, I have a bunch of complaints. Turnbased battles take way too long. No wonder this game is addicting, you could be sitting in a battle for half an hour, or more. Probably more. Getting around is frusturating unless you have a ton of recall potions. And they just take you back to the last Zaap you saved. Weapons and equipment require you to be super high levels. C'mon that sucks if you waste all those kamas. You cannot leave a battle, not even before it starts. The only way is if somebody kicks you out. There are enough good things though. For example, the alliances and territory conquest is pretty cool, being able to craft weapons and equipment, the groups work really well and you get a compass to track group and guild members. The dungeons are really good. That's all I can think of. This game is DeFINITeLy worth playing. If you don't like it, fine it's not your thing, but if you do, aren't ya glad ya tried it? It's free afterall. Well until you decide to pay.