Unlike the other "Devil May Cry"s this one's extremely stunning!!!

User Rating: 8.5 | DmC: Devil May Cry PC
Well, 1st of all it's got very good graphics i'd rate it 8/10

I think this one's story starts from the beginning and it's ending was really surprising -even though I somehow predicted it-

This DmC is better than the others because it's got a way much better gameplay and the controls are way much easier than before because he you get to use the mouse and keyboard.

And this one has a checkpoint so if I die and don't use a Gold Orb i don't have to repeat the whole mission.

And as always, DmC is pretty addictive in it's own way!! I mean, I've beaten the game Devil Hunter Mode (Medium) and I've Unlocked Son of Sparda Mode (Very Hard) and I'm in mission 13/20 by now.

Conclusion: DmC is a very AMAZING game it's got a great story great graphics and cool upgrades, it's also very Dramatic at some parts too.
It's absolutely worth the money.