Best Dante so far ...

User Rating: 10 | DmC: Devil May Cry PS3
The intelligence of the DmC battle system doesn't end with enjoyable, intuitive combo creation. It also involves traversal, allowing Dante to pull enemies to him or grapple to them at will, eliminating the need to interrupt a combo and reposition mid-battle.

Combos fuel the ever-addictive style points system which returns in DmC and affects a player's overall mission ranking. But unlike the past Devil May Cry games the style system in DmC is transparent, displaying a live feed of moves and point values on the right side of the screen so players can better understand what they're doing to earn that coveted SSS rank.

I played all DMC games. This DmC is the best so far. The graphic is 8.5. The soundtrack is 10. The weapons are 9.0. The fighting style is 10. The story telling is 10. I played the first 15 minutes it is really thrilling me, and keeping thrilling me till the end. I really enjoy the game and it has been 5 years that I couldn't find any action sword-style game that would amaze me. In conclusion, I love the new Dante.