Falling short from greatness.

User Rating: 3 | Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT (Day One Edition) PS4

I loved the first two games so much I purchased this game blindly not knowing what to expect. The graphics looked amazing and the game play videos also looked amazing. Despite great looks the game feels really hollow in comparison to it's prequels.

  • Combat System

The first thing to point out is the forced 3v3. Now some parts of the game do have 1v1 but it's limited to training and custom online matches. The 3v3 feels a bit overwhelming and clunky the dashes are slow giving the feeling of constant floating. When fighting against AI players it feels like you're playing a game of slow float tag. Although the dashing feels slow the fighting feels very refined in comparison with the PSP versions. A simple fix would be to make the dash faster. It's also worth noting that HP attacks are limited to one and are no longer able to be customized.

  • Graphics

The game is visually stunning. In my personal opinion the game models are flawless.

  • Customization

This section is for people who are expecting the customization's that were previously in other FF Dissidia. FF Dissidia NT doesn't have much in the way of customization like the other two Dissidias leveling doesn't enhance your stats only unlocks skills and magics. Accessories, weapons and armor no longer provide any customization's for your fave characters stats. Instead Armor and Weapons are just cosmetics.

  • Story

Story is pretty bland and can be completed in roughly 15/20 hours in gauntlet/online matches leaving you with only fighting and unlocking outfits + weapons.

  • Music

Amazing. The tracks in all 3 Dissidias are amazing.

  • Conclusion

If you're trying to get the same experience as the PSP versions of FF Dissidia than this game is not for you. The RPG element has been changed where things such as levels doesn't matter in the overall strength of your characters. The combat system is fun and engaging although dashing could use an upgrade. If you were a fan of the customization found in prior games it is worth noting that the customization's are mostly cosmetic which will leave dedicated players learning for more. I give this game a 3/10 because although the combat system is improved it feels like a step down from the PSP versions.