Donald Duck: Goin Quackers looks good, plays good, and sounds good, but it is very hard.

User Rating: 8 | Donald Duck: Quack Attack PS2
I traded in RPG Maker 3 for this game. RPG Maker 3 is waaaay worse than this. This Donald Duck themed game has you playing as Donald Duck. Daisy has been taken away for this TV show, by Pete, and Donald is determined to save her, along with his nephews and that one scientist Duck. He can run, jump, and use various different weapons to defeat foes. The gameplay is very fun, even though some of the boss levels are extremely frustrating to complete. Donald can get angry if he's hit(which means that he already has an Aku-Aku mask attatched to him pretty much), but, when he gets hit while he's angry(or falls), he will be defeated and will lose a life. The levels i the game look and sound very good, and you'll play in various different locations that are standard for platform gaming, but still worth a look. If you collect a certain amount of letters in a level(you get a letter in the word SPECIAL if you get 5 bolts in less than a second-which is easier than it sounds). You can unlock(I Forgot how but it was fairly easy), a costume machine that lets you wear different shirts, which dosen't enhance your powers, but just makes Donald look coller. The only real bad part about this game is that the normal levels are extremely easy, while the boss levels are soooo hard. If the game was a bit more balanced, then it would have been a better experience. But, that said, Goin Quackers is a great game, especially for kids, but can bve enjoyed by older people too.

The Good:
-Loads of different levels to play in various locations
-Graphics and sound are superb, especially for the year it was released
-Funny, memorable moments that are great for Disney fans
-Great for kids to play
-Some specia moves are fun to use
-Great Story

The Bad:
-Unbalanced difficulty means that the game can go from very easy to very hard in a heartbeat
-May not appeal to adults as much
-Costumes don't enhance gameplay

Overall, Donald Duck: Goin Quackers looks good, plays good, and sounds good, but it is very hard. It is fun for Disney fans, and can be very funny and challenging at times, and it is presented very well, and combines some platform elements that we all love, as well as a great story. If you like the funny humor that has made Donald Duck the best Disney character, by far, then you will definitely enjoy this game. It is a recommendable choice for kids, and adults who like Donald, alike.

Overall, 8/10