i dont often give games 10 but this games deserves it

User Rating: 10 | Makai Senki Disgaea Portable PSP
Hi this a mage32 review
i am quite harsh when i comes to reviewing games so if i say anything is bad its terrible and if i say its great you really should pick it up
i am doing the review a few months after playing to get a better picture of replay and stuff
and if i put anything wrong please correct me

the overlords son laharl has been awakend from his 2 year long slumber. , now awake he realises that his father has died and there is no real overlord. he wants to be the new overlord and kills whatever gets in his way.

it a nice story and its very well thought out sometimes hilarious and other times tragic and i think other games should try to follow the same style since i personally loved the story the only bad point i can pick out of the story is that its the same as the anime but i still found it interesting.

its a strategy rpg my personal faveourite and the system works really well, this game has incredible depth and a great feeling of customization which is cructial in this type of game and its pulled off flawlessly, well nearly, the worst thing is the camera and while you can rotate it you cant move it up or down which can sometimes get troublesome but it works well for the most part.

great music if a little repetitve and the voice acting is incredible and actually amazing, one of the games best features.

other stuff(mainly random stuff):
the game is amazing and you can create who ever you want such as a mage and then who ever made that character can learn their skills so u can have laharl with every type of magic and this flexible sytem is another thing that can add replay since i have spent well over 100 hours on it and still not since one you complete the main game you unlock an alternate storyline where laharl is killed in his sleep and etna his sidekick takes the title of overlord which to many people is immense but i woud say it is for hardcore gamers only since it does require grinding which is fun but if u want to complete it in one day your so wrong try more like 2 weeks at min

i love this game if you cant already tell but there is some bad points to it such as some of the camera angles but that is virtually it, it is near flawless and any people interested in some well spent time or just something to do on holiday or on a bus i really do recommend this game.