Very Addictive...but story line is really lacking.

User Rating: 7 | Makai Senki Disgaea PS2
The Characters in the first Disgaea are fun...I like Etna and Laharel but the Defender of the Earth was very annoying ...and Flonne is a Diaper Poopy Face! There....I said it. Its very grown-up of me to express my feelings in the truest calling.
Flonne voice acting is horrible, only topped by Defender Gordon of Earth...who stinks!!
I do have to say though, the fighting, the weapon choices and the little things like bribing politicians are all great! I give it a 7. It would have earned an 8 if Flonne did not make me swallow Bile every time she spoke!
I am now playing Disgaea 2, and the story is much better...
I did not know there was an anime that came out about Disgaea. I just ordered it...Might be of some interest to you.
Graphics are Old-School but for the time period, I give it a 6
Story and ending could have been much better...4.5
Fighting mechanics 8.0 - RE: Final Fantasy Tactics but with different rules Appling to the playing field.
Music- Hardly noticed..5.0
Choice of Weapons and Characters 9.0
Loads of stuff to buy and collect in battle.
Voice Acting - Flonne and Defender of the Earth a (-5)
All other voice actors a +6