A Rare gameplay

User Rating: 9.3 | SOS: The Final Escape PS2
Disaster Report is a game that make you escape fom capital city,a place
where it is ripped apart by earthquick

story-the main character is a reporter,and on his way to Capital city..
the earthquick happened and u are stuck in the place

gameplay - not much of a gameplay, but u will have to walk around,
finding water to drink and also item that you need.
there will be earthquick around too, u won't know when the earthquick will
happened, so u have to press R1 to prevent you fo falling down.

sound- it have no song in it, what u can hear most is the earthquick sound
and people shouting for help

Graphics- not really that good, but it still ok fo an old game

overall- if u want to play something new, u can try this game