The Colin McRae experience, expanded and broadened. Amazingly, though, it seems to be very focused and has real depth.

User Rating: 8.5 | Colin McRae: DiRT PS3
As one who admittedly played both Grid and Dirt 2 first, I was not expecting to fall for this game like I had the aforementioned titles. After all of five races though, I found that I had not moved since I started the first.

In other words, I BLOODY LOVE DIRT! It takes everything I enjoyed about Colin McRae 3 (the last one I got a hold of), took what was good, and applied it to as much as they could think of. And I know what you're all thinking," What's this idiot on about, we all know what it is." Yes I know this but that's a good thing. It means you have probably seen what I'm about to explain to the rest of the world.

So for the good bits: Damage modeling, vehicle physics, voice acting(very little, and all Travis Pastrana and your co-driver), vehicle selection, the different racing classes, racing actual real-world drivers(in the game at least), and most of all, the hill climbs at full length.

Now the not-so-good: the T4 Truck division, Travis' car selection advice at times is bad, guardrails and walls do not destroy your car in one shot, road signs are not made of solid bars of depleted uranium.

In hindsight I probably shouldn't be surprised about this.Why? Because it's a Codemasters developed product, and when they decide to produce a game they will make sure it's a worthy product, especially the Racing Studio. For a series that's not the official game of anything, it represents all the classes very well, even if it is a bit short.

At the price it's at now, I have to say this is well worth the buy, new or used. If racing isn't what you're into, rent it first or borrow a friends.