dinosaurs, that were real, can be scarier than zombies, that are fake, wow.................

User Rating: 9.6 | Dino Crisis (PlayStation the Best) PS
Capcom really outdid it self on this game. the games graphics are beautiful for its time. there is full dialogue. there are many puzzles. there are many cool dinosaurs that are scary in there own way.

the game starts of in an island and a team gets caught up in a facility.
the facility is dark and is overrun by dinosaurs.

the game is basically like resident evil with dinosaurs. the game plays similar to resident evil, with the same controls, same fixed camera angles, and is also really scary.

you'll fight velociraptors to t rexes, to compys to teranadons. game makes great fights of each of these dinosaurs. there is no "stand and shoot until it is dead" with the dinosaurs, unlike zombies, they jump around and are really fast.

There are 3 basic guns in the game, it might seem like a small amount, but with all the customization you can do to them, it wont matter. The pistol, is the standard weapon, can be upgraded to be stronger. The shotgun, which is the weapon that everyone perfers, can be upgraded to have no reloading, and be stronger. the last weapon is the grenade launcher, is can use different types of grenades.

this games most shining moments, are its puzzles. the game is full of them. they are all cleverly done, and some are challenging. youll also have to find memos, and read them for hints to unlock doors and safes.

the game is challenging, the dinosaurs are scary, and dont take this game as a resident evil with dinosaurs, its completely different, just the same control mechanics. if you do however assume, you are missing out on a lot.