Better than DMC1, the game that made me skeptical about the series, worth playing for endless hadcore action..

User Rating: 9 | Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition PS2
I'll keep it sweet and short -if you like action this game is for you.

It's fun, hard at spots but very rewarding and creative. It feautures so over-the-top cutscenes and shows more of Dante than ever before. This game made me like the series and I'm now looking forward to DMC4.

The Good:

1.Graphics and curtscenes are great and make you want to watch them many times and show it to your friends as well. Some of them are truly crazy!lol you'll see...

2.Gameplay is fun, you have styles and actions depending on those styles. a weapon sometimes even affects a style. some are not as useful as others, but they're all worth trying out for some hack and slash fun.

3. Story is slick and cool and there is a whole hell load of it here that the other DMC games. Sometimes it dosn't make much sense, but it really doesn't need to. After all, it's Dante.

The Bad:

1.Some parts are annoyinly frustrating and take multiple times to beat, but that's just DMC and it will always have that.

2.The enviroments are recycled endlessly. You backtrack VERY often and get lost even more. They get dull and boring and dull and boring and dull and boring after many and many times you revisit them. Again, this has been an issue of DMC games but it could have been fixed. I mean if they put more effort into the levels and their quantity the game would have been a lot more intersting and easy to pick up.

In all, you'll prbably like this game. It is a high quality product and is a great swocase for Capcom. If you think that 'bad' things I listed won't cmpletely bother you, give it a try. Buy, you'll probably get into it just like I did. ;)