Intriguing story

User Rating: 8 | Detroit: Become Human PS4


- game looks beautiful. Character expressions and everything looks great. Really easy to get immersed

- following 3 separate stories made it more interesting

- the plot makes you think about AI advancement, which is slowly creeping into reality. Questions your morality.

- games makes you learn how to live with your choices

- the QTEs were generally pretty good. Even the action sequences were intense for what the game is.

- voice acting was great

- the amount of story branching is immense. I like how the game shows you every choice and consequence, and the potential branches you missed at the end of each mission

- i like how the stories become intertwined


- The missions can get repetitive, as there are a lot of menial actions you must make

- some dialogue options was not what I intended for the character to mean. They are too vague sometimes.