Actually good game. Pretty fun for a while.

User Rating: 7.5 | Defender XBOX
I like Defender. Its actually a pretty good game. I was suprised. I just found that game laying around and it was just something to do. Its ok for the first few hours. The control of your ship is a little hard to get used to. But once u do get used to it, its not that bad. Some missions are a little hard to do. But its fun. The graphics are actually pretty good lookin too. And like i said before, i love games where u can play ur own music. And Defender has it! I love that! And u can also purchase upgrades. I like that too. Oh, and there really isnt that much more stuff to do besides doing missions and purchasing upgrades. But its a good game to play.

Well there isnt really that much more to say about Defender, but all i gotta say is that u pick it up and play it once in a while, when u dont have nothing much to do. I like it and i give Defender a 7.5 out of 10.