Good but hard.

User Rating: 6.5 | Def Jam Vendetta PS2
Hi! this i my review of Def Jam Vendetta. To Start off i would like to say dont buy this game if u dont like button mashing cuz theres alot of it... like any wrestling game there is alot of button mashing so... yeah so..... first is graphics well the intro is cool, but everything else looks well like a ps2 game of course, the look of it is alot more cartoony then def fight for ny. but there pretty good. Audio well guess what! There is of course, music from def jam records so expect alot of rap, hip hop and all that. Gameplay. Gameplay well it is very hard well for me at least as you will be playing as one of the characters that you get at the beginning of the game, so no character creation. The story is one night u have to fill in for your buddy at a wrestling match since he well,broke his arm so then you do pretty good so know ur gonna try to beat everybody and stuff.... yeah.... and u get girlfriends... which is koool. but overall, it was an ok game but def jam ny is way better, so if ur choosing between the two id have to say pass this one, and go get def jam NY