The best Death Note game to hit the DS!!!

User Rating: 9.8 | Death Note: Kira Game DS
The first ever Death Note game to hit the DS is finally here!!!After quite a long wait,it has been released on the 15th of February this year. This 1-2 player game is almost like Hotel Dusk and Phoenix Wright so if you liked those two games,you would love this. Desu Noto:KIRA Geemu also known as Death Note:KIRA Game,is a battle of wits as you can choose to play as either one of two main characters in the Manga and Series, Yagami Raito-A bored 17-year old who found the Death Note in his school. Realizing the note's mysterious powers,Raito also known as Light,wanted to create a utopia by ridding the world off criminals- and L Lawliet-A young detective who works with the ICPO. He was forced to reveal his identity during the KIRA hunt. He registered in Light's school to get closer to him and used the name Ryuuga-When you play as Light,your goal is to find out L's real name and convince others that you're not KIRA. When you play as L,you will have to prove that Light is KIRA...Easy as that,WRONG!!! You'll have to go around interrogating people,trying to make them slip up in what they say,so it's like I said earlier,it's almost like Hotel Dusk and Phoenix Wright.