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User Rating: 8 | Deadly Creatures WII
Let me start by saying, this game is amazing. It has some of the best graphics I have ever seen on the Wii (besides the people). The main menu, is quite easy to go through, while the in game menu, can be annoying at times. Trying to find a certain move can be a hassle. The controls are very well done, I have nothing to complain about the controls. Now I did find some, "bugs". I couldn't continue because I the last lizard which got stuck in some thorns. I randomly fell to my death. The scorpions camera, was bothering me at times. Much to short, I find no replay value in this. I finished it in 5 hours (or less), but if you're a perfectionist, it'll probably take you a good 10 hours in total. There is no multiplayer (would be a great idea for Deadly Creatures 2; if it ever comes out).
I absolutely love the sound, it fits so well with the game, talented voices (Billy Bob Thorten and and Dennis Hopper.
I recommend buying this (so we can have a chance at seeing a sequel), and right now, its probably at just the right price.