Another Great Dead Space

User Rating: 9 | Dead Space 3 PS3
this game is just as awesome or is greater than dead space 2 and 1,the first 8 chapters is spent in space, and the other half on the ice planet, so people do not have to get upset that they are taking away the space levels in dead space 3, and also this game still has a lot of horror involved, dead space has have never really made me jump out of my skin, but dead space 3 actually managed to make me jump out of my skin one point in the game, the weapon crafting is just plain out amazing, plus this game is beautiful, the environments are so awesome to look at, Visceral Games did a great job with frostbite 2 graphics wise, dead space 3 is just awesome to its addictive gameplay, great audio, beautiful environments, weapon crafting system,

game critics are way under rating this game, if you are a dead space fan get this game.