Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop-Review

User Rating: 10 | Dead Rising: Zombie no Ikenie WII
Although the engine use in the game is not MT Framework,the game is still amazingly good,Using the Resident Evil 4 engine,the game is too good to be on the wii...Although the is Mall is smaller than the Xbox 360 version,it is still the same but the graphics are not that bad..Instead it uses the RE4 Graphics...I must admit that the zombies are downgraded to like they have crappy faces compared to the Bad-ass face of Xbox 360 version...As capcom stated,they have pushed the game to the limit power of the wii...(i.e.-Zombies appearing to screen in the xbox is 800 while on the it's just 100)..All the cutscenes are pre-rendered,so even if you change Frank's clothes it will not be change in the cutscenes...New in the game are zombie parrots and poodles...They can be quite annoying...New color's of blood has been included-color green!,instead of having 72-hour mode..each mission is time individually,No photography mode and jumping is not included in the game,because capcom said it would not work perfectly on the RE4 engine...Also money and ammunition is drop by zombies,Weapons scattered around the mall are fewer,Gun-based gameplay means more Headshots to zombies,books and guns are bought from cletus....although there changes in the kent is a human in the 360 version and has a competition mission and in the being change into a zombie being able to shoot and use his camera....

Overall-Due to the fact the wii not being powerful unlike the 360..the game is still fun to play because the controls are innotiative and fun..the game is still worthplaying and fun..if you like shooting zombies