Very fun an interesting game.I recommend you to buy one.

User Rating: 9 | Dead Rising: Zombie no Ikenie WII
In this game,as same as in Xbox 360 version,you are Frank West ,weapon-experienced photojournalist,who came to investigate and to find out truth about zombies.
You are in the mall that is packed with zombies.Your secondary task is to save people.They are hiding all over the mall.There are some mall parts:Enterance Plaza,Paradice Plaza,Leisure park,North Plaza,Wonderland Plaza...
There are some main characters:Otis,Brad,Isabella,Carlito.Otis gives you missions.He also tracks Isabela.Brad chases Carlito who is main bad guy in the game.Isabela is his younger sister.
Unlike the Xbox 360 version,there are no so many bosses.There are some:Crazy Clown,Crazy shopkeeper,Cletus gun-shop owner,who after beating him an then saving becomes good guy.
In this game there are many different weapons and there is so much ammo to collect.
Also you fight with some different zombies,like Madonna's poodle and parrot and with some zombie leaders like police woman,Kenny and Cliff.Near the end you fight with special forces.
This is very interesting game and everyone should buy one.