Enjoyable fighting game.

User Rating: 7 | Dead or Alive: Dimensions 3DS

Dimensions handles itself pretty well on the 3ds platform despite some minor grievances.

Dimension's story mode spans several DOA titles. At first glance, it may look like a considerable amount of effort has been put into the DOA's storyline but the plot's progression is too rushed and uninteresting that it's almost a pain for me to play it. But what the story mode does best is to teach the in and out of DOA's fighting mechanics. So the plot is not the strongpoint of the story but rather the tutorials that comes with it. And boy did I finally learn.

DOA's fighting mechanics have always been so easy to learn. And in its simplicity, shows what fighting games are all about when treated as more than a button-smashing affair. With the proper timing, counters can get you out in a dire situation even if you've been bombarded with a flurry of combos. On the otherhand, combos can be delayed so as to deprive your opponent of a chance to counter. An attempt at countering attacks is negated by a grab. Combos are simple but has one or two varieties which is good for confusion. There are rules to the game as there are special exceptions. DOA's brand of gameplay is simple yet a solid one. The only thing that irked me was that some attacks should've landed when it should but it didn't. I clearly saw my character hit a fallen opponent but that somehow didn't count as damage. And tag battle sucks. It needs improvement.

Aside from several fight modes to choose from, there's the showcase mode. 3d character models are unlocked from playing through any of the game modes. You could take pictures on it but the camera controls are cumbersome that it's hard to capture the angle you want.

All in all, Dimensions is a decent and solid fighting game for the handheld and a proper one at that( DOA:Paradise comes into mind).