A fun, moody adventure

User Rating: 7 | Dead Island PS3

Overall the game is FUN. It's satisfying to bash zombies over the head with machetes, sickles, pans, really anything you can find or if you are more technical there are shotguns, grenades, rifles, etc. Not to mention that you can customize these weapons to add some shock, poison, nails, et al.

The Good:

The game is plenty long with enough to do to last awhile. The world itself is pretty neat. It is somewhat intricate, so looking at every nook and cranny can really make it last. There are many different locales to keep the scenery fresh. A few stick out in my mind as exceedingly well made creating a chilling atmosphere. Killing zombies really never gets boring. The game almost feels like a Borderlands. In fact, the core formula is reminiscent to Borderlands. The combat is pretty fun. There are many great ideas in the game.

The Bad:

The story is mediocre at best. The quests are mostly dull fetch quests. The guns aren't as effective or useful as they should be. The characters are very stereotypical almost to a cringing state.

The Ugly:

PS3 Version: The graphics and texture popping is very bad. The framerate issues took awhile to get used to. There are many graphical issues that are this game's biggest downfalls. There are plenty of bugs as well when it comes to performing the quests. The worst game I've played to date with such technical issues.

The game has some fantastic ideas even if it wasn't executed to its remarkable potential. If you take it for what it is than for what it isn't, you'll have a great time.